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UiTM Student Portal is a Student Gateway provided by Mara University of Technology (UiTM) for their students. UiTM has a web portal interface that presents the latest information from Mara University of Technology. Apart from being a complete web portal, but the main function of UiTM Student Portal is to see the test/exam results from students and monitor student progress in each semester.

UiTM Student Portal Resources

UiTM announcement – In UiTM Student Portal page, it’s contained a variety of information that is updated every day. Important information such as latest news about UiTM Announcement display in the menu located on the central Web portal, this will enable users in viewing the latest announcement about the university.

uitm student portal

UiTM Student Portal Primary Links – Primary Links UiTM Student Portal is an integrated menu is neatly arranged on the left-UiTM Student Portal home page. In Primary Links are arranged various Hyperlink from various important pages in UiTM Website. Among them:

# Intake - In the link list is provided by some anchor links to the Application menu including: Mohe, UiTM, UiTM Student / Franchise and check the status.

# Institute of Graduate Studies – Link this menu is used for the Graduate and Post Graduate information.

# UiTM Event Calendar – Besides featuring the latest news from the Mara University of Technology, UiTM Student Portal also presents an Events Calendar which record various activities in progress or which will take place on the menu Event Calendar UiTM.

# in addition there are also links to the menu: Student and Academic Affairs, Examination Updates, Convocation and Bursary.

# There are also integrated menu links that point to supporting websites, such as: UiTM Digital Library, E-Counseling, Jobs Info, i-Learn Portal, Discussion Forum, Alumni Registration and Student Loans.

Student Portal Malaysia UiTM

UITM student portal

UiTM Student Portal URL

To be able to access the UiTM Student Portal page you can type: http://istudent.uitm.edu.my/stp/home/main2.asp on your web browser.

Or if you want to go the main page of the Mara University of Technology, you can access it from the following links: http://www.uitm.edu.my/index.php/en.

What is Mara University of Technology?

You should know that the Mara University of Technology (or known as Universiti Teknologi Mara – UiTM) is a famous university in Malaysia. UiTM has received an award from Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand for the category of “The Best Universities in Malaysia” in 2009. This makes UiTM as the University of Technology of the most favored by students in Malaysia.

(According to winwex)

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UiTM Student Portal - University of Technology Mara

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