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Since the lower "value" be difficult to seek the post of foreign workers appear recruitment Session Students "stealing jobs" ... ... more and more approaching graduation term, students continued downturn in the employment rate is an indisputable fact. Employment for some enthusiastic, confident and technology university students will start looking once again turned to the road.

Reference to business students, Guangzhou is not difficult to associate a few years ago, to Wang Plaza, three college students start practice base, walked by the shops need to make an appointment more than 70 stalls opened between the current left only less than 10 between such a tragic end, extinguished the entrepreneurial dream of many college students. According to statistics, last year, the students start their own businesses in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry registered only 160, most of the self-employed or small businesses. Guangdong Provincial Labor and Social Security Minister Liu Youjun also revealed: Guangdong students success and the rate of 1%. The reporter from Guangzhou some colleges and universities to get feedback survey was: 1% or even a little bit optimistic conclusions.

"Situation on our hands, students start to have a 1% success rate is relatively optimistic about the statistics." Jinan University Employment Guidance Centre, Chen Xiaoming, deputy director of outspoken, Jinan some students succeed in business case, but in general, it should be up to the ratio of less than 1%.

As the university itself, is always encouraged students to entrepreneurship, to Jinan, for example, there are start-experimental garden, there is an annual event of "entrepreneurial

Design Competition ", have attracted a lot of entrepreneurial-minded students to participate. Xiaoming said, Jinan will soon start the" business college "program, set up business courses for students," the specific program has not yet finalized, but it is certainly a trendy the idea. "

Venture will not affect school students? This, Chen Xiaoming that business itself should be the students to learn the behavior of any energy left after the first course is to ensure the successful completion of their studies, if learning is catch up, business can not even talk about onwards.

Employment, entrepreneurship is more difficult. Capital, experience, contacts, resources, social environment, many university students destined to start this bottleneck is a bumpy road. Lack of entrepreneurial tradition of excellent universities, academic settings tend to learn the basic knowledge, application experience is obviously insufficient, the embarrassment caused by a mismatch between the inherent entrepreneurial students.

In the context of the financial crisis, business survival Shangju facing a "winter" dilemma, the fragile survival of college students start point again where? From the end of last year, top-down government documents have been put forward to encourage college students venture. However, whether students or schools, are generally considered "policy is not attractive."

23 computer city "quasi-owner"
Late last year, the city benefits in a western-step Buynow Computer Computer Ltd., the base of a college student quietly built a business practice, start again hides pregnant college students stay out of a dream world. At present, the business base has stationed 23 teams. Computer City's business base will flash in the pan so as to Wang Plaza? Recently visited the base's specially feel the 23 "quasi-owner" business road hi and unhappy, happy and worry.

"Zero cost" wake-up entrepreneurial dream start
Speaking Hui Main Computer Co., Ltd. In fact, already a minor celebrity in the industry. September 2006, a step the company launched the industry's benefit only students in IT practice base, free of charge for school students assembled to provide the latest practical use of computer equipment, hire vendors, the company's technical engineers on hardware, training seminars and other activities. "We have the latest accessories can provide assembly, do not waste resources, say the students can also help us to do word of mouth, this is a win-win." Hui, general manager and founder of computer company Mai Lai Zhenping answer no shortage of shrewd businessmen.

The second half of last year, the employment situation is grim, hope to start the students do not know where to go from.
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Students Start The Next Crisis Is Not Easy Expert: 1% Rate Of Success Is Optimistic - Students,

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Students Start The Next Crisis Is Not Easy Expert: 1% Rate Of Success Is Optimistic - Students,

This article was published on 2010/12/21