Responsibilities of Students in Edinburgh Student Accommodation

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Most of the students who come to study in Edinburgh usually choses to stay in hostels in their first year to mingle into the new environment and culture. But as soon as they learn about the new place now they go for privateEdinburgh Student Accommodation or Edinburgh Flats to Rent. But it is advised to the students who are searching for private Edinburgh Student Accommodation that they should start searching for Edinburgh Student Flatsduring the spring spell of their first year.

A student must always keep in his mind that law gives him the same rights as is given to other private lessees. Therefore, before renting Edinburgh Student Flatsfrom estate agent or private landlord certain things should be given a check. For instance, a student must find out if the property he is taking on rent needs to be licensed or not. Tenancy agreement should be given a cautious reading and in case of any flaws a student must go for a legal advice straightaway.

‘House in Multiple Occupation’ (HMO) license:If you are going to live with your friends then make sure that your landlord has ‘House in Multiple Occupation’ (HMO) license. For this purpose you have to visit and concerned local authority. This license is necessarily to be held by the landlord who is going to let his Edinburgh property to rent to multiple occupants. Before issuing this license certain prerequisites are to be met with. At first place the number of tenants should be five or more and these people should not be in relation with each other. Secondly, the property must comprise of three or more storeys. The prerequisite particularly the second one is bit flexible because some local authorities even licensed the houses with reduced numbers of tenants or storeys.

Visiting Edinburgh Student Accommodation: Before you make a payment of initial deposit make sure that you have taken a proper and cautious visit to your Edinburgh Student Accommodation.Ensure yourself whether your Edinburgh Student Accommodation is in good condition. For the purposes of inspection of property take someone with you who is expert in property features. Check whether the doors and windows are fitted properly, or house needs any repairs, or it is damp or anything that can cause danger to life or property. Security measures should be looked into very carefully.

Conditions of tenancy: Once you have chosen an appropriate Edinburgh Student Accommodation your landlord or the estate agent, as the case may be, will require certain conditions to be satisfied. The foremost conditions are making the payment of initial deposit and a guarantor who shall furnish your guarantee. Initial deposit is to be made and a guarantor is to be provided before the lease agreement is drawn up.

Deposit: The purpose of the deposit is to claim missing rent, if any. It is also used to account for any damage caused to the property by your negligent conduct. But do take the receipt in writing for the payment you made towards the deposit. This deposit is refundable.You should also ask your landlord top provide you with the details of any furniture and furnishings provided to you in Property to rent in edinburgh

Guarantor:Providing the landlord with your guarantor is compulsory requirement of law. A guarantor agrees to make good for any loss caused to the property by your negligent conduct or to pay back any missing rent on your part.


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Responsibilities of Students in Edinburgh Student Accommodation

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Responsibilities of Students in Edinburgh Student Accommodation

This article was published on 2012/05/14