Jcpenney College Scholarship Funding Awards

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JCPenney definitely has a long history of supporting after school programs and students who want to go to college. Recently three Hispanic students were given funding of fifteen thousand dollars each to attend college along. This also included a makeover which took place at a local JCPenney store. Another one of the companys endeavors to provide youth across the country with opportunities to earn a college degree involves their giving fifty thousand dollars in scholarship packages to certain young adults who want to complete their education. This is a tremendous relief for those who would not be able to attend without this help.

JCPenneys tuition sweepstakes started on July 21st, 2010 and went to the beginning of September. Each scholarship that is given out is transferable, meaning that whoever receives it will be able to give it to whoever they want. The large chain of clothing stores with locations throughout the country encourages students who are thirteen and older to apply. The winner of a this scholarship has fifty thousand dollars transferred to them into a special 529 account which helps them save up for their future college education.

Students who are still in middle school or high school and wish to start planning for their college education can apply through their website.

There are also scholarship opportunities for students who want to enroll in Washington State University. Specifically, the Department of Apparel, Design, Textiles, and Merchandising is a program one can get funding for. Students are selected for this scholarship based on a number of things, including overall GPA and SAT scores. They will also be evaluated for an essay which must be submitted. The awarded amount ranges between $100 to $4,000 and it can be a great opportunity for students to get the money they need for college. The due date for this particular scholarship at Washington Statue University is January 31st, 2011. It is wonderful to see their support for education and enthusiasm in helping those in middle school to think about their futures. Target and Walmart are also popular stores that offer awards for students to help with tuition and books during the college years.
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Jcpenney College Scholarship Funding Awards

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This article was published on 2010/12/07