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 "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear," goes the old saying. 

Many of us, especially those in the learning and helping professions have come to recognize the truth in that statement. We know that when we have become ready to confront an issue, to overcome limitation or to grow to the next level, an opportunity is presented to us. We get a mailer about a new training program, a friend introduces us to a class or we bump into a stranger in the airport and he or she becomes our next mentor.

I'm not sure why this concept has gained so much acceptance other than it has happened so many times to so many people that it has become part of our collective belief system. What is curious is that many people who want to attract more coaching clients, have not recognized that the opposite of this statement is also true: "When the teacher is ready, the student will appear."

Consider what is necessary for a student to be ready.  

A student who is ready for the next teacher has done the learning and the work required to prepare herself for the next step. Maybe that has included recognizing where she blocked, learning new skills and letting go of her old way of thinking and acting.

When a student is ready for the next teacher, he is open to possibility. He is committed to growth. He regards himself as worthy and is optimistic and willing to accept and trust the goodness of the Universe. (Or whatever your spiritual belief) 

Are you, as a coach, ready for the next student to appear?

Take some time to reflect and open yourself up to receiving. Here's a few questions to ask yourself to help you get started. 

Who is my ideal client?

Where am I stopping myself right now?

What do I need to learn, let go of or move beyond?

Remember, success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Years ago I had a coach friend who demonstrated that to me in an interesting and unusual way. "Barbara," I said, "how is it that you manage to get all the clients you want?" Opening her appointment book she pointed and said "Here's what I do. I draw a box around the times when I am willing to see people, and then they just show up."

When the coach is ready the student will appear. 

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How to Attract Coaching Clients - Get Ready

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This article was published on 2010/03/28