Esl: Uniting Different Nations By Uniting Languages

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Ecole Suisse De Langues (ESL) presently offers one of the largest ranges of holiday courses in France, Switzerland and Germany. The exceptional locations where courses are held include centers on the Cote d Azur, lake Geneva, German Westerwald and Swiss Alps.

Here are some reasons for selecting ESL:

This is a school which is recognized by Swiss and International quality inspecting organizations.
Here one can enjoy dynamic learning in small units of same ground and level.
One can select between host family residences or student accommodations.
24 hours supervision benefit in ECL residential centers.
One will be making friends with the students from all around the globe.
One can opt between five different centers in Switzerland, 1 in Germany and 1 in France.
One can participate in wide range of excursions and activities which will be already included in the price, hence no extra charges.

Summer Camp in Switzerland is known as Mercure Classic. One of the ESL course centre is located right in the centre of the touristic centre of Leysin. It has 16 classrooms, a cinema and two restaurants. The students are accommodated in cozy bedrooms with attached washrooms, televisions and telephone lines. There is a small internet caf with large number of computers that allows pupils to access internet free of cost. The staff at ESL takes proper care to supervise all the students in conformity with their age. All the course centers are fully equipped so that the students can swap mails with their near and dear ones and all the residential areas have phone card phone booths for the students. In ECL the pocket money service is open each and every day to students who want to pay or withdraw money.

German school in Switzerland of ECL is located in the college St. Michel. This college offers a brilliant infrastructure which includes 8 rooms, games room, a theatre and gymnasium. Computer room is also available where pupils have an easy access to internet free of cost. The supervision of every student at ECL is efficient and everybody gets complete security during their stay and for this purpose the supervisors stay in the campus itself.

Summer Camp France is situated approximately 15 minutes away from the beach. The infrastructure is modern, large and located in a relaxing and natural atmosphere. All the classrooms are well versed and fully equipped. It also includes auditorium, cinema and restaurant. The staff is available 24*7 to help the students and offer suitable security.

French course in Nice of ECL is situated at a distance of only 15 minutes walk from Vieux- Nice. There are 11 classrooms, internet area, Campus Central which is the residence for students and a cafeteria.

The modes through which one can get to the course centers include:

By Plane: ECL in Switzerland is located in Leysin which is near to the international airports in Geneva.
By Bus: ECL has its own bus transfer helpline which departs from the main cities of Germany and this service also gives pupils the chance to know about each other before arriving at ECL school
By car: Parents who wish to drop their children are also welcome and if necessary the site map and contact details will also be given.

The school provides Wi-Fi network which covers the entire campus and the entire campus is air conditioned which allows the students to work with full zeal even during the peak of summers.

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Esl: Uniting Different Nations By Uniting Languages

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This article was published on 2010/12/14