Educating Students in the 21st Century

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Teachers of yesteryear would probably wish they were teaching in the modern day because with the extraordinary advances in technology have come some new and innovative ways of educating students at various levels of the education system. Teachers have got many boundaries to cross when teaching and the first hurdle they need to jump is getting the students attention which can be a lot harder than it sounds. In an era where young students are surrounded by gadgets and technology, one way of getting their attention is introducing a piece of technology into the classroom such as an interactive whiteboard or various student response systems.

These two have been the most important introductions and innovations as they grabbing the attention of the students which is half the battle when it comes to teachers trying to educate their students on a specific subject. All teachers try and get their students involved in discussions as this is the best way of making sure they understand what is being taught as well as highlighting which students are not quite grasping the topics well enough. Student response systems are great as each student takes a control and each time the teacher asks a question, they make their choice using the keypad. These answers are logged on a spreadsheet and can be used for assessing students' abilities on a certain subject accurately.

Large, chunky projectors can also be a thing of the past with products that simply allow you to project images onto the screen. This is great for teachers of all levels and can be the difference between students really grasping the deeper meanings of a subject and them just understanding the basics. With all these new innovations being introduced to the education system, teachers all over the world can start to plan their lessons in a different way. Gone have the age old methods of reading from a book whilst students take notes as this achieves very little, making sure that students interact during the lesson will ensure that they understand the topic better.

If you are a teacher and are looking to make your classes more fun then you can rely on the range of new products to help make your lessons more interactive and interesting for the students. Some topics are naturally less interesting to students so it is important that you get and keep their attention and getting them involved in the lesson.
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Student response systems have proved to be popular amongst students and are one example of educational technology available to all education establishments.

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Educating Students in the 21st Century

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This article was published on 2011/03/27