Changes In Employment Pressure Force Value Of Vocational Education Students

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This year, China reached 559 million college graduates, plus there are 2007 students 70 to 80 million, not employment, the actual need of employment in 2008 to more than 600 million students, therefore, to college graduates the number of young workers as the main record. "Too many students looking for work, in order to excel in the job force, must have the qualities needed for business and capabilities." Students Xiao said that he and his classmates have come to realize their business requirements and also a gap, so concerned about the talent needs of their side movement, while looking for a suitable charge of vocational education for themselves again, "the employment pressure into motivation to learn it!" Graduates face employment pressure

Human Resources and Social Security said the responsible person, in the first half of this year suffered snow disasters, earthquake caused the loss of cases, the overall employment situation in the country last year were flat. Statistics show that by 2009, the supply of university graduates is about 7% per annum, while demand is expected to post growth of less than 5% per year, supply and demand gap will expand.

State Higher Education Press Social learning resources bureau has 28 colleges and universities for more than 700 students in the survey showed that 57.4% of students indicated that the main pressure comes from employment. Face severe employment situation, movement of work after graduation has become most concerned about students and concern. In order to facilitate employment, many university graduates reduced income expectations, the work of 1,000 yuan per month is also acceptable.

Concern of vocational education

To increase the employability and competitiveness, many students choose to participate in vocational training before re-employment, "because companies hire and not just look at your academic performance in college will depend on your ability, while the latter may be more important. "Xiao said, instead of pushed from pillar to find a job, as accumulation of the means to find work. IT training, human resources management training, project manager training, psychological consultant, interior designer training ... ... rich leap into vocational education students eyes, they actively absorb professional knowledge, consciously improve their practical ability and professional quality.

"There is a happy thing, that is, those who join us to learn all kinds, some of them have a foundation in the industry, they are examples to us all." A choice of interior design students told reporters that she understanding of a decoration company training the staff, students who frequently tell her some information on the renovation market dynamics. At the same time, this concern for vocational education have been "transmitted" to the "quasi-college students" were. Vocational high school, students gradually get the favor of their parents, parents Liang Peng told reporters, after a family meeting consultations, the year his son to give up three and specializing in vocational, "There will be popular in the professional market, employers units for the Diploma if do not pay much more important that you are capable of work, excellent work, I am glad that my son can understand this, rather than to blindly pursue academic qualifications. "

The pressure into motivation to learn

The one hand, there is a large number of skilled personnel in China the gap, senior blue-collar in short supply, on the other hand, students are hard to find work, school or unemployed, at home, "eating old", causing the family in their children's education into a great waste. Direct vocational education objectives, course content and practical work closely linked to students familiar with the industry, into the industry, the entry is an effective way.

Experts believe that students concerned about vocational education is a positive thing, active career planning, at school, on their own career goals and take the initiative to enrich themselves, there will be a visible future. At the same time, to the employment pressure into motivation for learning through social practice, internships, vocational training and other means to gain practical hands-on experience, professionalism and vocational training capacity.

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Changes In Employment Pressure Force Value Of Vocational Education Students

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This article was published on 2010/09/21